Built in the 1390s as the home and work place of the Causton family, The Little Hall  in Lavenham was enlarged, improved and modernised in the mid 1550s.   Three centuries later in the 1700s both the fortunes of Lavenham and the owners of The Little Hall had declined and the house was divided to provide homes to six families.

Discovered and restored by the Gayer Anderson twins in the 1920s/30s, The Little Hall, Lavenham, now provides a unique timeline of architectural and cultural history and visitors can enjoy a delightful stroll round the beautiful gardens, which feature a Millennium knot-garden and rose garden that inspired Yvonne Skargon, designer of the 1991 Royal Mail Rose Stamps.

You should allow at least 1 hour for your visit.

Opening times may vary for special events.

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