Established in 2003, Lavenham Brook Farm now has 10,000 vines on a 10 acre south facing site producing  two grape varieties, Bacchus and Pinot Noir. The Suffolk chalky boulder clay is a major contributor to the great depth of flavour in all their English wines as is the abundant East Anglian sunshine.


Lavenham Brook’s 2009 & 2010 Bacchus and Pinot Noir Rosé were awarded Gold and Silver medals by both UK Vineyards Association and East Anglian Wine Growers Association. Their Bacchus 2010 won gold again in 2012 in the national Wine of the Year competition.

So how did this attractive farm come into being?

Lavenham Brook was the childhood dream of Nick Thomson. Childhood visits to the Lavenham area made him dream of farming in this beautiful valley – his dreams in those early days – a herd of Red Poll  cattle. Following retirement he purchased his 80 acre farm, close to Lavenham, in 1985 and, following those early dreams, purchased a small herd of Red Poll cattle, Suffolk’s oldest and most attractive breed.  Today he has a herd of 75 animals.  He has extended the farm which now includes an orchard with 8 different varieties of heritage farm apples, many of which are bottled to make fine apple juice and of course the vineyard.

Whilst producing high quality and attractive wines is paramount, Nick never the forgets the landscape in which he is privilaged to live and work and vines and orchards are laid out to harmonise the stunning countryside in which they are situated. The Brook Farm team still do most jobs by hand allowing the vines to be treated individually for the best results. Harvest time is no exception with family and friends helping to hand-select a premium quality crop.

Events are held at the farm throughout the year – see the website for details. You can purchase their fine wines, apple juice and meats on line or pop down to the monthly Farmers Market in Lavenham (first Saturday in every month), their stall is just in front of the Guildhall where they sell their fresh beef, lamb, wines and apple juices.

Brook Farm
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