Clare Ancient House is a Grade I Listed Building, and is recognised as having national importance. The West wing, on the High Street, is believed to date from the 14th century, and the more heavily decorated East wing may have been built in 1473, the date which appears in the plasterwork of the house. It is first mentioned in a will of 1502, which refers to the new and the old parts.

Exhibitions in the Museum tell the history of the town, of the Lords and Ladies who once lived in Clare, and of the ordinary people who lived and worked here. In 2007 the exhibit featured the Clare Reliquary Cross, a famous medieval artifact which was found in the grounds of Clare Castle, and now belongs to the Royal Collection; it is housed in the British Museum. In 2008-09 the museum focused on the history of Clare Common with its remains of an Iron Age fort and the medieval farm of Erbury Manor.

£1 Entry for over 16s.

26 High St