The Brewery Tap, Sudbury

The Brewery Tap, Sudbury

The Brewery Tap are passionate about the drink its serves. With eight ales served from the Tap Room, it also serves Mauldons' own award-winning Black Adder, just one of the brews on tap, from one of six real ale pumps on the bar. In addition, you'll find wheat lager beers, German pils, a range of Scottish Malts and Japanese lagers, as well as Aspall Suffolk Cyder and Belgian fruit Beers.

'Let us know if your favourite is not there and we will endeavour to stock it.'

The pub also serves food, including salt beef and smoked gammon baps, pork pies and homemade scotch eggs.

Order your favourite take away and they'll gladly provide plates and cutlery for you, and even do the washing up! 

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