by John | Aug 3, 2016 |

Splendid Suffolk Gardens - Pilgrims, Lavenham


As part of our series on gardens in Suffolk, with the season so far welcoming in heady summer days and balmy, relaxed evenings, we bring you the lovely garden of Pilgrims in Lavenham. 

Pilgrims is situated in the heart of the medieval village, with a stunning view from the front windows of “Godric’s Hollow”, as featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The magic of this cottage does not end here however; a cosy sitting room and two stunning bedrooms only enhance its character, the garden completing its enchanting appeal.

Pilgrims’ garden could perhaps best be described as a 'secret' garden - on first sight you might miss the hidden seating areas, the combination of box hedging and planting lining the twisting pathway. On entering the garden, it truly feels as if you are walking into another world.

Features include the pretty white loveseat with lace detail, perfect for a relaxing in the summer sunshine, as well as the beautiful pergola. My colleague and I were certainly taken aback by it’s charm, and agreed that it would be the ideal place to sit outside in the afternoon with a relaxing cuppa.

There is also a romantic element to Pilgrims’ garden; it’s a place where you can imagine whiling away the evenings with a book or retreating for some quiet time with your thoughts. Awash with lush greenery and beguiling in nature, Pilgrims’ garden is as delightful as they come.

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