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Gainsborough's Garden


Come and wander the garden at Gainsborough's House, Sudbury, the museum and gallery at the birthplace of Thomas Gainsborough, one of Britain's finest artists.

An ancient mulberry tree still stands as the garden’s centrepiece, having been planted in the early 1600s - the reign of James I - as part of a campaign to produce a silk industry. Alas! King James I and his advisors had very little botanical knowledge. It was not the white mulberry that feeds silkworms, but the black fruit tree, which was cultivated across England. Yet this mulberry is a very fine specimen and still bears fruit, overlooking the garden lovingly maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers. The plants you will find here are only those available during Gainsborough’s lifetime.

When visiting the fine museum collection, do take the time to enjoy the garden. There are children’s art classes, adult workshops and the venue is for hire for group afternoon teas, complete with vintage china.

For further information on Gainsborough’s House, see here.

An accommodation guide for the area can be found here.

You can read the full story of Sudbury’s silk industry here.

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